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A blood thirsty orc sacrificing women to collect their blood to summon his evil goblin minions to wreak havoc everywhere. That's you. Your are the monster!

You need to kill the guards, but all you have is a knife and the ability to summon goblins!
Kill the maidens by holding down the [SPACE] button and collect their blood to perform the summoning ritual and kill all the guards.
Every maiden will give you a certain amount of blood, and will fill up the blood bar on the top of the screen.
When the bar is full, you will summon your minions from hell.
But watch out for the guards, they are too strong and if they see you, it will be hard to escape.
Your best chances are to stay hidden in alleys, behind objects and structures. Your character will fade out when he is properly hidden and you won't be seen by anyone.
Move with your [ARROW KEYS] or [WASD].
If the maidens see you, they will run for their lives, so try to sneak up from behind them.

Good luck, you monster!


DeadlyOrc.zip 33 MB